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A Tale Retold

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Pirates of the Caribbean Fan Fiction
This is a community dedicated to Pirate's of the Caribbean fanfiction and discussion.

The community will be all inclusive, meaning that all characters, pairings (both slash and het), ratings, categories and kinks will be accepted. Also, in keeping with the Redux theme, we encourage writers to offer their own interpretations and reimaginings of the movies, and give alternatives to what we saw onscreen, however this is by no means the main purpose of the comm. We also welcome meta and discussion related to all aspects of the movies.

The rules are pretty simple and based upon common sense. No trolling, no flaming, discussion is encouraged, but please keep it courteous; arguments or barbed comments arising from outside prejudices will not be tolerated. If any of our members come across evidence of any of the above, we would encourage you to let us know about it and we'll try and deal with it in as objective and reasonable a manner as possible.

At the moment, membership will be moderated and posting access restricted to members only, however we encourage you to apply for membership if you think this community will be conducive to your enjoyment of fandom. In addition, we'd like to take this opportunity to ask you to pimp redux_08 in your own journals and communities - the more the merrier!

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