May 25th, 2008

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At World's End: Redux 1 & 2/27

Title: At World's End: Redux
Author: Laura H & Sal R
Rating: Overall R
Canon: AU, set post-DMC
Characters: Everyone from CotBP and DMC and also Captain Teague.
Pairings: Jack/Elizabeth - with elements of Jack/Beckett, Elizabeth/Will, Elizabeth/Norrington, and Calypso/Jones.
Disclaimer: For fun not profit
A/N: Same story, different versions. And all true.

Back in January, we set ourselves the challenge of retelling At World's End in time for the first anniversary of the movie's release this weekend. Over 100,000 words later, we've finished - just in time! We'll be posting two chapters a week (Sundays and Wednesdays) for the next several weeks, and we very much hope you'll enjoy it!

This is not the same story as the movie. Neither is it a story Disney could ever tell. It's darker and more adult than the original, and deals with some very non-Disney topics! ;-) Although we've kept some elements of the movie, the mythology is of our own creation and the fate of our favourite pirates and villains is by no means a fait accompli. In this story, anything can happen…

With thanks to djarum99 for the insightful beta, and to Disney for creating this wonderful world, we humbly offer At World's End: Redux in celebration of the PotC trilogy.

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Continued in Chapter Three