Laura (fried_flamingo) wrote in redux_08,


Title: The Temptation of Psyche
Author: Laura H
Rating: R
Category: Jack/Elizabeth
Disclaimer: The Mouse Owns All

Author's Note: A little J/E drabble based on the myth of Cupid and Psyche, for the blackpearlsails prompt 'Name'.

The forbidden place draws her; pitch-dark and silent, his eyes paint warning signs.

Turn back. You cannot go there.

But she has stepped from that cliff, trusting Zephyrus to halt her plunge. The West Wind caught her, carried her, bid her wait.

Then, nameless and night-veiled, he comes, traces paths across skin, finds kisses hidden upon her lips, buries himself until she pleads for release.

Her question. Who are you?

His reply. Don’t look.

Curiosity, though, burns like lamp’s oil, reveals truths long hidden.

Beauty smiles, the arrow pierces. She sees, at last, no monster after all.

Tags: drabble

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